An example how positive and fruitful interchanges can happen between martial art styles.
The full serialised account of a karate experience stretched over nearly fifty years.
How language is used in Japanese martial arts.
Of pain (and no pain) and an encounter with a Ninja.
Remembering the late Takamizawa Toru Sensei, and the wisdom that can be gained from one short conversation.
The martial art that is never talked about, and a family connection. Bare-knuckle fighting, the English tradition.

December 2022

I am now preparing for stage two; launching the paid subscription section of this Substack project.
A brief look at how ‘pressure testing’ is used, or might be used, in the martial arts.
Another snapshot in time; an Edwardian theatre, a northern provincial town in 1975.
A continuation of a comparison of how the big karate courses were over 40 years ago and how they are now.
A comparison between karate courses from the past and how things are now.

November 2022

‘Authentic karate’? ‘Authentic Wado’? What does it really mean?